The Hotel Story

Chateau des Oliviers is simply known as “Villa Nadia.” to the area residents of Tripoli, representing the story of a woman and how she turned her dream to a reality.

In 1970 Nadia Dibo was admitted to a hospital in the Haykaliyeh region, just north of Tripoli. She fell in love with the view outside her hospital window and knew that it was the perfect spot to build her dream home.  In 1975 Villa Nadia was completed. The impressive architectural design of the home was complemented by an eclectic interior design style. The seven-guest room, 4-story Villa was a home-away-from-home for many of Nadia’s family and friends.


With the encouragement and support of her loved ones, Nadia decided to convert her home into a boutique hotel so people traveling in Northern Lebanon had a welcoming place to call home during their stay. In 1986, two additional floors were added to the Villa and Chateau des Oliviers was born. The 6-story Villa was decorated with antiques Nadia collected along her travels in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Guest were encouraged to roam at will through the hotel to admire Nadia’s themed rooms-Asian, Chinese, English, French and ottoman-or to venture into one of two spacious gardens on site.

Advertisements were not needed to promote the hotel. Nadia’s reputation as a welcoming host spread quickly. Nadia was not a traditional hotel proprietor; she had an externally personal approach to hotel management. People entered as guests and left as friends. The hotel did not feature a reception desk, guests were and are still encouraged to come and go at their convenience. This approach leaves guests free to enjoy their stay.

In 2000 Nadia Dibo was awarded the International Star Award for Quality and Excellence by the Madrid- based Business Initiative Directions Award (BID). Villa Nadia has recently been featured in the German edition of cosmopolitan magazine and hosted an Australian film crew traveling with Lonely Planet guide book founders Maureen and Tony Wheeler.

In 2011 Chateau des Oliviers underwent a renovation to convert a series of rooms to a modern design while maintaining the unique accents that have become synonymous with Villa Nadia.

Over the years more than 500 guests have called Chateau des Oliviers home, from foreign journalists to diplomats, artists, NGOs, government officials, cardinals, dukes, politicians, lords and even princes.

The hotel is still managed under the hospitality principals Nadia instilled when Chateau des Oliviers was created.